Oct 16, 2012

Candy Corn Mischief

Yesterday Emmett approached me in my bedroom with piece of candy corn held in his hand and said "Hi mommy, do you want some candy?"

(**** translation: what this really means is, "Hi mommy, I'm being really nice to you right now and offering you some candy, so after you eat it I can go and get some myself when you realize how sweet I am").

I responded, "No Emmett, I don't want any cause I just had breakfast.". Then he asked what I knew was coming next, "Well, can I have some mommy?" I responded with another no and asked him to go put it back.

About 15 minutes later I walk into the family room and Emmett is watching cartoons on the couch. I glance down at the candy corn dish. Inside I see soggy little pieces of candy corn covered in saliva. And it dawned on me- he sucked on the candy and then spit them back out again!

I said "Emmett did you suck on the candy corn and then put it back?" He proudly said "yup".

Smart little stinker. He knew he'd be disobedient if he ATE the candy corn because I told him not to. So in order to still taste the deliciousness he sucked on them and then spit it out.

Sep 4, 2012

One picture says it all

I'm getting bad at blogging these days. But I wanted to add a quick picture of our trip over the weekend. We went to Island Park (funny, my last post was similar...?) and Mike's family came with us this time.

Nick and Jill (Mike's brother and wife) are sitting in the backseat. We were on our way to West Yellowstone to check out the tourist shops and walk around.

I love this picture because it depicts our children's personalities so well.

  • Emmett, always the serious one. Taking travel by car with the utmost protection in mind. There's no fooling around with this kid. 
  • And Pixton and Claire the 2 goofy ones. I assume Pixton was giggling at Claire, and Claire was entertaining by putting 2 binkies in her mouth. 
I didn't even realize the awesomeness of this photo until I uploaded it to my computer. 
Love these kids.

Jul 11, 2012

Fun on the 4th

We went to my parents cabin in Island Park for the 4th of July. The whole family was there except for Eric and Carrie's family who live in Mississippi. (We missed you!) We had a great time hot tubbing, horseback riding (a 2 hour ride that turned into a 3 hour ride, my butt was sore for days). And I've learned that Scattergories with Krista will make you laugh until you cry.


I'm not sure that s'more is big enough for him...

Krista and Nate

waiting for fireworks to start

Women and old men watch the fireworks in chairs. (J/k dad). :) 

They shoot the big fireworks over the water so people take their boats out on the lake and watch from there. How fun! We'll have to do this next year. 

skipping rocks

This boat was part of the 'boat parade' earlier in the day, and they drove by to entertain us. It was playing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and they were wearing Wizard of Oz costumes.
Mike and I took the kids up to Star Valley, WY for a night on our way home and stayed with his brother Nick and his wife, Jill. These two pics are from a hike Mike took the kids on to the intermittent springs.

May 3, 2012

The Triangle Park

We went to the coolest park yesterday. Its brand new and I heard about it on the news a few nights ago. Turns out its right down the road from our house. The reason a park like this would make news headlines is because its pretty different than most parks you typically see. Its very modernized, and comes equipped with a 30 foot tall rope pyramid. Which is why Emmett calls this park "the triangle park". 
Everywhere you look something twists or turns or jiggles, or bounces. Ever-y-thing.

 I took this as being a modernized merry-go-round. I think they got rid of all the old ones. This one is done on a much smaller scale, but it spins really fast and is curved to spin upwards. Emmett tried this for about 2 seconds then I got him off. Yikes. Maybe in a few years buddy.

 This was the coolest swing. Its kinda like a teeter-totter swing. These little boys were seriously getting some air.
Even grown men wanted to get in on some of the action. (Notice they needed someone to push them)?

They didn't get nearly as high. 

I thought this little girl was cute. Do your kids ever play with the wood chips? I thinks she's making a wood chip sundae.

I had no idea how to tell Emmett to use this thing. So I told him to just slide down on his bum. 

The big "triangle". 

Yes, grown men wanted to get in on some of this action too. 

And just in case you didn't feel like your child was safe in one of these rubber swings. You can put them in this enormously large, yellow, plastic swing instead. 

Mike and I agreed that it really did look like a dream park for a child. We might have to sneak over one of these days on a date night and play.

Apr 16, 2012

I think its safe to say...

After 10 long months since we started this process, I think its safe to say that Emmett is officially (and finally) potty trained! I was beginning to wonder if Claire was going to be potty trained before he was. He's been in Pull Ups for a long time, and was an expert at #1 and always went on the potty. But #2 was his hang up and he'd always just poop in his Pull Up. I know nobody likes detailed potty talk, but if anybody out there in cyber world is struggling with a strong willed little boy like we were I'm going to share what finally "clicked" with him.

About 2 months ago I signed Mike and I up for a "Love & Logic" parenting class. Its based on a best selling book, and the local rec center was offering it for any couples out there that wanted to learn more. I like to take extra curricular classes to keep myself busy and I was curious so I signed us up. There were tons of young couples in the class, all with kids under the age of 6.  During the course the teacher said something about potty training that struck a chord with me. She said "If you have a child that won't potty train.....99% of the time it is not a medical condition or health problem. Its a control problem". Basically, your child is hanging onto this control in his life because he's not getting enough of it in other areas of his life. Yeah, that kinda stung.

So if this was Emmett's problem, Mike and I decided we were going to try really hard to give Emmett more control of his life. So for the next few weeks we starting saying things like: "Would you like to wear the red shirt or the blue shirt today?" or "Would you like to eat a banana or an apple?" Simple little things in his day to day life that let him feel in control. (Not big issues like safety, or kindness that aren't questionable). It went great and we still do it all the time.

A couple of weeks ago, Mike and I decided to take the chance and try big boy underwear again. (The last time we tried it was in December). But when we approached him about it, we told him that he had the choice if he wanted to do it or not. We pointed out all the wonderful, amazing perks he would get by wearing big boy underwear, and told him all the awful things about wearing Pull Ups. He cried at first because he was afraid of the change, but in the end he happily chose to put the underwear on. Over the next day I kept telling him if he didn't want to poop in the potty he could ask me for a Pull Up and I would give him one, and that he could choose if he wanted to poop in the potty or not, but that we do NOT poop in our underwear. Soon after, with no coaxing or nagging from me, he walked in the bathroom all on his own and pooped in the potty. I wanted to cry I was so happy. Its been 3 weeks and he's been great ever since. Moral of Emmett's story: it just had to be his choice, and his choice alone. No punishment or reward could do it. If I took anything away from that class, it was finally being able to potty train this stubborn, but cute little boy.
Emmett wearing a T-shirt I gave Mike as a gag gift for his birthday last year. I thought it was rather fitting.

Apr 11, 2012


 Easter was great this year. My kids were finally healthy after what seemed like weeks of sniffles and coughs, and the weather was gorgeous.

Claire is my stuffed animal lover. She literally sleeps with like 5 animals every night and  squeals every time she sees one at a store. We saw this pink poodle at Hobby Lobby the other week and she wouldn't put it down. So I bought it for her for her Easter basket. I've decided to call it Corky to honor an old family pet. :)

My cute kids right before church.
(this picture made us 10 minutes late, but I knew if I waited till afterwards their clothes would be covered in goldfish crackers, tears, boogers, and possibly having 1 or more parts of their outfits missing or taken off.) Claire's dress is from my brothers wedding 3 weeks ago, but I really didn't feel like buying another dress just for Easter. I just added a white sash.

We had a fun Easter dinner after church with the Parry cousins. My Aunt Kris is living with us now, so we hosted at our place and had an Easter egg hunt to start the evening off.